Peter Gray

I first met Peter and Joan Gray when they visited the old March Hare Archers down the hill past the March Hare Inn in Broughton Hackett to enquire about starting archery.  This was many moons ago but I would guess it as being about fifteen years ago.

I chatted to Peter and Joan at the bar, those were good days, over our memories of Hong Kong where Peter had served in the Army and when I had lived for many years.

When March Hare Archers moved to our present location near Throckmorton both Peter and Joan became stalwarts of the club with Joan as Treasurer and Peter as Clubhouse manager and then as our Chairman.

In his some ten years plus as a Committee member at MHA Peter always provided steady guidance for the membership and enhanced our relationship both with the gun club and our landowner.

Some ten years ago, I remember joining Peter and Joan in their car on a search to buy new compound bows.  We had a great day out and all ended up with Merlin bows, having visited several archery shops.

I accompanied Peter and Joan on several overseas archery competitions.  Finland, Estonia and Sweden European Field Archery Championships come to mind where both of them competed with valour and then Peter would take total charge in the kitchen and produce an excellent dinner.

Peter was a true gentleman whom I was honoured to know. He will be sorely missed by all the members of March Hare Archers and throughout the greater Field Archery community.

Richard Hardcastle

Secretary – March Hare Archers