We are based near Throckmorton, Worcestershire.

The best way to the club is via the A44. The club is approximately 5 miles from Evesham and about 12 miles from Worcester.

Turn off the A44 at the sign for Throckmorton. Proceed up the hill and past the former entrance to the rubbish tip (now blocked off).

Follow the signs to Vale Pianos. Once you have passed it, the road will bend sharply to the right then left (s-bend). Shortly after the s-bend the road curves gently to the left.

Once the road staightens out again, slow down, the entrance to our grounds is almost immediately afterwards on the left hand side of the road.

If you miss the gateway you will eventually get to the airbase perimeter fence. If you do, you have gone too far. Turn around and look for the first gate on your right before the s-bend. There is an old wooden bridge perched amounst some brambles just after the entrance.